Work Party Notice

The work party this Saturday 16th March will be quite an event. We will have 280 saplings to plant in our new area and we plan to start at 9.30 am if you are able to come a little earlier.

The weather forecast is not very good so please wear suitable clothing and if possible bring your spade.

Please check your email and Facebook before travelling on Saturday as the forecast is not very good and we may have to cancel (hopefully not as we have to get the saplings planted).

Successful Saturday

Thank you to everyone who turned out last Saturday to help start our new project area.

It’s an exciting time when a new project begins but first the site had to be cleared. This included pulling up ivy roots that had spread (felt like miles of it) well into the ground and raking leaves and we filled a few wheel barrow loads.

The fencing was also started after marking out the area and making sure we were happy with the layout so good progress was made.

The weather was kind, when the sun shone is was lovely and warm.

Work Party

There will be a work party this Saturday 2nd March starting at 10.00 am. Please come along and see what we have planned.

The reserve looked lovely today in the sunshine and some of the flowers and bulbs are starting to display some colour and should be lovely in a couple of weeks time.

Successful Work Party

Thank you to everyone who came last Saturday to the work party. It was a very productive morning.

The Bird Hide was cleaned of all the leaves that had gathered over the last few weeks and even the windows had the once over.

Some of the branches recently taken from some of the trees were used to make a natural fence line along the perimeter of the reserve filling in all the gaps which seem to have opened up.

The webcam was installed but unfortunately nothing was captured this time but it will be sited in another position later this week.

And of course more importantly we had a lovely cuppa and catch up in between.

Bird Survey – January 2019

There was a Bird Survey on Saturday and we had a good turn out of both volunteers and birds spotted. The following were seen in a 1 hour period and total numbers are at any one time.

Blue tit – 3, Chaffinch – 3, Crow – 1, Dunnock – 1, Great tit – 1, Jackdaw – 2, House sparrow – 1, Long tailed tit – 7, Magpie – 1, Mallard – 3, Moorhen – 2, Robin – 2, Wood pigeon – 1 and Wren – 1.


A wood mouse was also observed near the hide.