Productive Day

We had a very productive day on Saturday.

Due to a fallen tree there were lots of branches and logs to move, some of which were used to continue the natural fencing along the Pinewood Road side of the reserve. Others were put in a pile creating a natural hiding place for creatures and insects alike to build their homes.

One of the Willow trees which was overhanging the path a little too low had to be cut back opening up the view to the large pond. It took four of the volunteers to move the branch as there was some weight in it.

Spring Bulb Planting

A few of us went along to the reserve last Saturday to plant some Spring bulbs, approximately 650 in total.

We had obtained some of the bulbs (mainly daffodils) through the local council and others we bought ourselves. An area had been previously cleared the week before and a tree that had partially come down in the wind was also removed opening up the planting area.

Luckily the ground was quite soft with the recent rain so wasn’t hard to dig into for the bulb planting. The planting is ongoing but in Spring and early Summer next year we should see the colours coming through. A few of the bulbs we planted were:

It will be a beautiful colourful area early next year so cannot wait to see the outcome.

Cake and a cuppa

A big thank you to one of our volunteers who brought cake to go with our cuppas, we really enjoyed the treat and now you have started something.

No pressure on anyone for next time!

Great effort by all the Volunteers

We had a great turn out on Saturday for the work party. Everyone was asked to try and bring a spade or fork as we had an area of the reserve that needing clearing so we could plant bulbs ready for next Spring. There were lots of brambles to contend with but between us we got it cleared and planted. We had a couple of tree roots to dig out and a couple of the volunteers were determined to get them out and looked like they were digging their way to Australia but they succeeded. Other volunteers cleared the paths of the many leaves that had fallen which is a big task alone. All in all a productive and enjoyable morning.